Our mission is to love others, welcome diversity, respect and care for all of God's creation

if you're new to cranford - or to church - start here!

Whether you’re new to church, just coming back after a break, or raised in a different faith background, 

you are welcome here!  

Church isn't just on Sundays anymore - and doesn't depend on a building. You can "be" the church by example - by serving others or volunteering to help out in a variety of ways! 

But let's cover the  basics first - see below for some "Frequently Asked Questions"


Have questions? We've got answers! 

  • First Presbyterian Church of Cranford is located at 11 Springfield Avenue, at the corner of North Union and Springfield Avenues across from the Gazebo.  On Sundays you can park for free in the municipal lot across from the church or in Cleveland Plaza.  There are also a limited number of spots along the Springfield Avenue side. 

  • Yes! There is a ramp located on the Cleveland Plaza side of the church building (the side with playground).  You may park at Cleveland Plaza on Sundays and enter through the gate to access the ramp. You may also enter through the playground gate, to the left of the main sanctuary doors. 

  • In-person service starts at 10am on Sundays. We also livestream to Facebook and YouTube. The livestream opens at 9:50am where you can jump on and greet your fellow viewers. Don't be shy, our online greeters are a chatty bunch! You'll feel just as welcome online as you would in-person. 

  • First Pres Cranford is a member church of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Each Presbyterian Church has its own elected leaders, called Elders and Deacons, who work together with the Pastoral Staff to provide opportunities to establish and deepen your faith and put it into action. We believe that a relationship with God, provided to us through Jesus, can change your life and by extension, can help you to change the life of others around you. 

  • The best way to answer that question is to tune in online and check us out! 

    In general, worship starts at 10am on Sundays with a welcome message and announcements.  You don't need any church experience, everything is outlined in the worship bulletin so you can follow along.  There are basically three parts to worship, which are led by lay leaders (volunteers) and the Pastor.

    1. Gathering Around God's Word:  We settle our hearts and minds with a spoken "Call to Worship" and an opening song
    2. Proclaiming God's Word: We listen to a biblically based yet contemporary sermon from the Pastor that connects with heart of each individual
    3. Responding to God's Word: We consider how to respond to what we've heard with prayer for those mentioned in the livestream chat, the Lord's Prayer and close with another song

    There is a variety of traditional and contemporary music including organ, piano, children and adult handbells and choirs to supplement the worship experience.  

  • We welcome families with open arms! Children and youth are integral to the life of the church and we offer them ways to serve at any age! Children start in the sanctuary with their parents and then are led to their Sunday School classrooms after a special children's sermon. We offer confirmation classes beginning with those in 7th grade through high school.   For those with infants, there is a crib room available just behind the main sanctuary on the right hand side, equipped with rocking chairs and a changing table. Childcare for infants is available. 

  • Masks are currently optional for those attending, and for the choir. As long as weather permits, we will have open windows and fans running.  Our Medify air purifiers run before, during and after worship. The purifiers remove 99.999% of Covid-19 / SARS-COV-2 and other airborne particles every 30 minutes. 

  • First Pres Cranford is not a particularly formal congregation.  Whether you're sporting flip flops and shorts or ripped jeans and a flannel, just come as  you are!  

  • Yes! Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. Everyone is invited by Jesus to his table. No questions asked – Jesus invites all.  People of any age, including children, are welcome at the Lord’s Table. In other words, a specified age or “level” of faith or understanding, is not required to receive communion.