grief recovery

We are all navigating through especially challenging times due to the ravages of the pandemic, exhaustion from political conflict, depletion of our resources, and the unprecedented chaotic environment in which we currently exist. When you are also grieving a loss amid all these stressors, life can become very dark and every day may seem overwhelming. The holiday season can make these feelings even more intense.

We offer a ray of light and welcome you to join the Journey Toward Wholeness Bereavement Seminar. The seminar, sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Cranford, is dedicated to the memory of Rev. Dr. Bruce Williams, who co-created this program 23 years ago, and Virginia Waters, PhD., long-time co-leader of the program. Due to our respect for keeping our participants safe, the program has transitioned from in person to a ZOOM platform which allows us to include participants from a wider distance.  The program has helped more than 3,500 people to find joy, purpose and meaning in their lives once again. 

The leader of the program, Patti Williams, R.N., Certified Pastoral Bereavement Counselor, who has personal and professional training and experience in the field of grief and loss, is joined by a team of trained facilitators who provide support and lead breakout groups for individuals with similar losses.

WHEN: Please note the next session is open for registration and will take place April 16 - June 4 on Zoom


WHERE: Meet us on ZOOM, a meeting link will be provided upon registration. 


HOW: Register by calling Suzanne (908) 251-5641 or Pam (908) 964-3263.


WHO: We welcome all who have experienced loss of any kind, past or present. We also welcome all who have previously attended this Seminar to return for a refresher.  The Zoom option offers you a unique opportunity to attend with friends or family from other states.